City of Ukiah, California

Police Department

Safety · Professionalism · Community Service

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    Reduce Crime and the Fear of Crime

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    Improve Quality of Life in Our Neighborhoods

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    Enhance Community & Police Partnerships

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    Develop our Personnel

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    Continued Accountability

Who We Are

Our purpose is simple:

To make sure you are Safe, our officers are Professional, and we provide great Community Service.


We hope that the information contained within this site is both helpful and informative about the Ukiah Police Department. This information is a result of the Department's Strategic Plan 2010 -2015, entitled Measuring What Matters Most.

(Click here for our latest City Council Strategic Plan Progress Report)

Our goal is to build on our accomplishments and to measure, in a quantifiable manner, our ability to deliver quality service through clearly definable goals and performance measurements.

Key to our strategic plan is to obtain broad participation from the community to define what is important in terms of safety and quality of life in the City of Ukiah. With your input, we have five specific goals:

  • Reduce Crime and the Fear of Crime
  • Improve the Quality of Life in Our Neighborhoods
  • Enhance Community and Police Partnerships
  • Develop Personnel
  • Continued Accountability

We are continually seeking additional information about our ability to serve the Ukiah Community and your input is extremely important.

On the front page of our website, you will find a survey button. I would encourage everyone to take a minute to complete our Community Survey. Your comments and feedback are vital to helping us perform each specific area of our strategic plan.

Together we can make Ukiah a better place.


Chris Dewey - Chief of Police (Retired)  

Safety · Professionalism · Community Service