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Anton Stadium

Ukiah High Student Body and Ukiah Police Officers… Team Up

Starting in 2005, volunteers from Ukiah Community, along with the City of Ukiah, began the major renovation project of the Anton Stadium Sports Complex. Through grants and countless community donations, the Ukiah community has raised nearly 1 million dollars in funding for the new stadium project.

Originally built in 1952 entirely by volunteers, Anton Stadium has become a vital part of sports activities for the entire Ukiah Community. The stadium has been home to countless baseball, football and soccer games, along with a myriad of other sporting and recreation events.

Along with the rebuilding of the entire Anton Stadium Structure, the complex was in desperate need of a new scoreboard.

Teaming up with the Ukiah High School Student Body, the Ukiah Police Department donated funding for the new scoreboard from the Department’s Drug and Gang Prevention Asset Forfeiture Funds. These seized funds are designated by law to be used for the purpose of reducing and eliminating drug abuse and gang involvement from the community.

The Ukiah Police Department is proud to be able to assist in a small way with this community project. It is clear from the nearly 1 million dollars of community and grant funding, how important Anton Stadium and the activities at the complex are to our Community.

We hope that Anton Stadium and the sport activities are available for Ukiah’s youth sports teams for at least another 60 years.

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Safety · Professionalism · Community Service