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Press Release December 20, 2012

December 20, 2012


Suspect: Robert Lee White, Age 50, Crescent City, CA

Crimes: Attempted Robbery

Brandishing a Weapon

Attempted Car Jacking

Terrorist Threats

Violation of Parole

*all felonies, in-custody Mendocino County Jail, held without bail.

On 12/20/12 at about 11:21 a.m., Robert Lee White, age 50 of Crescent City, CA approached a female Ukiah resident in her 50’s as she was walking to her vehicle, which was occupied by her waiting husband in the parking lot of Pear Tree Center, 500 E.Perkins Street. The suspect threatened the female with a knife and demanded money. The female began screaming and the husband intervened which caused the suspect to walk away. The husband immediately called the Ukiah Police Department and officers began responding. The husband, a Ukiah resident in his 50’s, began following White as he entered a nearby business. White then came out of the business and threatened to harm the husband for calling the police. Upon arrival in the area officers began investigating and attempting to locate the suspect. An officer came upon White as he walked away from a female Ukiah resident in her 60’s near her vehicle in the 200 block of N.Orchard Ave. The suspect was stopped and further investigation determined that White had approached the female, who was attempting to get into her vehicle after shopping, while she loaded items into her vehicle. He told her to get into the vehicle or he would harm her with the knife. The female refused and White then demanded money. White then saw approaching officers and began walking away. He was quickly apprehended and placed under arrest. Both Victims advised Officers that White clearly showed them the knife, told them that he was armed with it and came close enough to them during his contact with them that he could have used it on them, as he was holding the knife toward them pointed at them within inches of their mid-section. The victims were not injured during these incidents.

White was booked and lodged at the Mendocino County Jail and held without bail.

White advised UPD Officers that he had been in Ukiah for less than 24 hours after having hitchhiked from Crescent City, CA on his way to San Francisco. He had been carrying $1200 cash and an ounce of Methamphetamine that he intended to sell when he got to San Francisco. While on his way he claimed that the Money and Drugs were stolen. He was dropped off at Ukiah’s Walmart and the motive for these crimes was to obtain more money so he could continue on to his destination. He claimed that his attempted robbery of the second female victim was to obtain money to get away before he was caught after the attempted robbery from the first victim. White has an extensive criminal history that includes priors for armed robbery and was released from State Prison on Parole in June of 2012.

By: Captain Trent Taylor

Download: pressrelease_december_20th_robbery-1.pdf

Safety · Professionalism · Community Service