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Ukiah First Friday Community Bike Ride

Walk & Bike Mendocino is hosting a community bike ride on the first Friday of every month starting from and returning to the Alex Thomas Plaza.

Tonight's bike ride, October 5th, 2012 starts at 6 PM.

Join fellow community members for a short, all ages ride around Ukiah. After the ride, take a stroll around Ukiah’s art galleries. Bring a bike, helmet, lights, bells and friends!

It will be getting dark during the ride so please do your part to ride responsibly. Find out how you can make active transport part of your exercise and commute routine.                  

Here are some Bike Safety Tips for sharing the road with bikes…   

Just what does SHARE THE ROAD mean anyway?

Sharing the road isn't about who has more "right" to be there – we all have the right to be there – whether we're commuting, running errands or even using our roads for recreation.

Share the road means using our roadways in the safest manner possible.

Pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists and drivers, all have to share the roadway.

Sharing the road with a bicyclist is this simple…

Allow extra space when passing bicyclists – If possible; give a bicyclist at least 3-4 feet of space when passing.

Slow down – Reduce your speed when approaching and passing a bike.

Think of bikes as cars – Legally speaking, bikes have the same rights and responsibilities as cars. Give bicyclists the appropriate right-of-way and treat them with the same consideration you’d give another driver.

Better yet, think of bikes as cars without safety features – No seat belts or crumple zones, no air bags – just a bicycle frame and hopefully a helmet. So while treating bicyclists like drivers is accurate, it doesn’t hurt to give then a little added leeway to help ensure their safety.

Keep your eyes open – Bikes can be hard to see, especially in your blind spots. Please pay special attention driving through intersections and when parking.

Be extra cautious around kids on bikes – Expect the unexpected when you see a kid on a bike. Slow down and give them as much room as you safely can.




Download: police_byke_6x10_10_3.pdf

Safety · Professionalism · Community Service