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Weekly Report February 14th, 2013

Patrol Division Weekly Activity Report 2/7/13 to 2/13/13



DUI’s: 6

Speeding citations: 6

Moving citations: 19

Non-moving citations: 7

City code citations: 3


Arrests included: 10 for public intoxication, 6 warrant arrests, 3 for drug influence and/or possessing drug paraphernalia, 2 for domestic violence, 2 for resisting arrest, and 1 each for: possessing methamphetamine, violating probation or parole, robbery, burglary, transportation of marijuana, possessing methamphetamine for sale, possessing an illegal weapon, and unlawful imprisonment. Probation or parole holds were placed on 3 of these arrests.

Officers investigated 3 traffic collisions, 1 hit and run traffic collision, 1 DUI traffic collision, 1 hit and run DUI traffic collision, 1 death by apparent natural causes, and 1 death by apparent suicide. Two vehicles were impounded for 30 days due to the drivers being suspended or unlicensed.

Officers took reports of: 4 vandalisms, 4 found property, 4 thefts, 2 child neglect, and 1 each of; missing person, suicidal subject, battery, and animal bite.


Highlights for the Week

On February 7th at about 8:35 PM Ukiah Police were flagged down by 37 year old Desiree Ann Shellhart, of Redwood City, in the 700 block of South State Street. Shellhart had come to Ukiah with a companion, whom she now wanted to get away from and return to Redwood City. Shellhart was intoxicated and was arrested for public intoxication.

On February 8th at about 2:35 AM Ukiah Police contacted 43 year old George Alan Chambers, of Ukiah, in the 900 block of Waugh Lane. Chambers had apparently been rummaging through dumpsters for recyclables, and had a warrant for his arrest. Chambers was in possession of a sharpened metal rod concealed in his clothing. Chambers was arrested for the warrant and for possessing an illegal weapon.

On February 8th at about 5:15 PM Ukiah Police responded to the 600 block of Talmage Road for an intoxicated male subject lying in the street. Officers observed a subject matching the reported description, later identified as 22 year old Jacob Warren Hopkins, of Washington, walking on the sidewalk with a dog. The officer saw Hopkins kick the dog then yank its leash, causing the dog to be jerked towards Hopkins and cower. Hopkins was very intoxicated and was arrested for animal cruelty and public intoxication. Hopkins’s dog was taken to the Mendocino County Animal Shelter.

On February 10th  at about 6:15 PM Ukiah Police responded to the 600 block of South State Street for a rear-end traffic collision. A California Highway Patrol Officer was in the area conducting a traffic stop when he saw a gold 1998 Toyota Camry traveling south and collide with a blue 1990 Cadillac which was stopped for the red light at the Gobbi Street intersection. The driver of the Toyota, 53 year old Joan Ellen Rainville, of Ukiah, had been drinking, and was evaluated for DUI by responding Ukiah Police Officers. Just moments before the Ukiah Police Department received a call from people at the Ukiah Theater, at 612 South State Street, because Rainville had been observed stumbling as she exited the theater, and fell in the parking lot. A witness to the collision had moments earlier helped Rainville up, and the driver of the blue Cadillac Rainville collided with, had moments earlier witnessed Rainville being helped up. Rainville was clearly intoxicated but walked away from the witnesses and was not seen until she caused this traffic collision. Rainville was arrested for DUI.

On February 10th at about 8:30 PM Ukiah Police Officers were conducting a traffic stop in the 1400 block of North State Street. A female approached the officers and stated she believed people were after her and she needed to be safe. The female, 22 year old Katie Ann Young, of Massachusetts, displayed symptoms of recent drug use, and had injected and smoked methamphetamine recently. Young was arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance and booked into the County Jail.

On February 10th at about 9:15 PM Ukiah Police responded to the 1100 block of South State Street for a hit and run traffic collision. Officers learned the victim had been stopped in a blue 1994 Honda Civic, northbound at the Talmage Road intersection for a red light. The victim was suddenly hit from behind by a 2008 silver Honda Civic, which was observed by witnesses traveling at a high rate of speed and emitting loud music. The suspect vehicle turned around and fled southbound, turning onto Washington Avenue. The victim received minor injuries in the collision, and was later treated at Ukiah Valley Medical Center. After speaking to witnesses and through investigation the suspect vehicle was located at a residence in the 400 block of Eastlick Street, and displayed damage consistent with having rear-ended another vehicle. The driver was contacted and identified as 24 year old Brandon Alexander Luiz, who had been drinking alcohol. Luiz stated he fled the accident because he was scared. Luiz was arrested with fleeing an injury accident and DUI with injury, both felonies.

On February 11th at about 11:15 AM Ukiah Police contacted 38 year old Luis Enrique Chavez, of Ukiah, in the 1200 block of South State Street. Chavez had over 10 grams of marijuana in a pocket, and admitted he had had a gun inside his backpack. The officer located an unloaded handgun inside Chavez’ backpack, and discovered Chavez had discarded onto the ground two packages of methamphetamine and a methamphetamine smoking pipe. Chavez was arrested for possessing a concealed handgun, possessing methamphetamine, and drug paraphernalia.

On February 12th  at about 10:55 AM Ukiah Police stopped a vehicle in the 700 block of South State Street. The vehicle smelled of marijuana, and the passenger in the vehicle, 33 year old Curtis Wayne Morrison, claimed to be in Ukiah from Alabama for "trimming". A box at Morrison’s feet was found to contain over 2 pounds of marijuana, and Morrison was arrested for transportation of marijuana.

On February 13th at about 9:40 PM Ukiah Police contacted 28 year old Logan Wade Sperling, of Willits, in the 400 block of Mason Street. Sperling was acting suspiciously, and at one point suddenly thrust his hand into his pocket. It was determined Sperling was under the influence of a controlled substance, and that he had discarded a knife onto the ground in the officer’s presence. The knife had a folding blade and the blade could be swung out with a flick of the wrist. Sperling was arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance and for possessing a switchblade.

Prepared by Captain Justin Wyatt

Safety · Professionalism · Community Service