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Weekly Report January 31st, 2013

Patrol Division Weekly Activity Report 1/24/13 to 1/30/13



DUI’s: 2

Speeding citations: 4

Moving citations: 9

Non-moving citations: 1

City code citations: 7


Arrests included: 5 for public intoxication, 3 warrant arrests, 2 for drug influence and/or possessing drug paraphernalia, 2 for violating probation or parole, and 1 each for: possessing stolen property, burglary, possessing a concealed weapon (knife), DUI with injury, possessing methamphetamine for sale, assault with a dangerous weapon, battery, possessing a narcotic, possessing narcotics for sale, and possession of a concealed firearm by a convicted felon. Probation or parole holds were placed on 3 of these arrests.

Officers investigated 1 traffic collision, and 1 vehicle was impounded for 30 days due to the driver being suspended or unlicensed.

Officers took reports of: 8 vandalisms, 5 thefts, 4 missing persons, 3 found property, 3 child neglect, 2 domestic violence, and 1 each of; suicidal subject, sexual battery, burglary, child molest, abandoned vehicle, fighting at school, and assault with a dangerous weapon.

Highlights for the Week

On January 22nd at about 4:30 PM Ukiah Police responded to the 400 block of Talmage Road for an intoxicated subject walking in the roadway. Officers located 48 year old Robert Vaness, of Montana, lying in the grass in the 1100 block of Airport Park Boulevard. Vaness was intoxicated and was arrested for public intoxication and booked into the County Jail.

On January 24th at about 3:50 PM Ukiah Police responded to the 1000 block of Cunningham Street for an intoxicated subject screaming he was going to shoot people. Officers located 22 year old Jacob Warren Hopkins, of Washington, in the 100 block of Lewis Lane. Hopkins was detained at gunpoint, and found not to possess any weapons. Hopkins was extremely intoxicated and was ultimately arrested for public intoxication and booked into the County Jail.

On January 25th at about 11:35 AM Ukiah Police contacted 57 year old Monty Eugene Daniels, of Ukiah, in the Alex Thomas Plaza at 310 South State Street. Daniels had a drug related warrant for his arrest and was taken into custody. Daniels was found to possess several grams of methamphetamine packaged to sell, hypodermic needles, and a hydrocodone tablet. Daniels was charged with possessing methamphetamine for sale, possessing drug paraphernalia, possessing a narcotic, and committing a felony while on bail for a previous felony arrest.

On January 25th at about 4:30PM Ukiah Police Officers were contacting a group of subjects in the field in the 100 block of Hastings Avenue, regarding their loose dogs. One of the subjects, 26 year old Autum Ann Gabbitas, of Ukiah, was belligerent with the officers and appeared to be very intoxicated. Gabbitas was arrested for public intoxication, and was found to possess a concealed fixed blade knife. A second spring-loaded knife was also found in her possession. Gabbitas was additionally charged with concealing a bladed weapon.

On January 25th at about 11:40 PM a Ukiah Police Officer noticed a vehicle parked at the Golf Course Clubhouse, at 599 Park Boulevard, and observed a female subject at the passenger door. The female was contacted as she was trying to distance herself from the vehicle, and it was determined she had been drinking alcohol and had discarded some of the containers near-by. The female was identified as 19 year old Stephanie Grace Maestas, of Cloverdale, and the vehicle was found to be stolen from Santa Rosa. Maestas had some belongings in the vehicle, and she was arrested for possessing stolen property (the vehicle).

On January 26th at about 2:50 PM Ukiah Police responded to East Gobbi Street and the railroad tracks for a fight, and one subject was using a 2X4 board as a weapon. Officers contacted a male subject in the roadway who was holding the board, and learned the subject had been attacked by two others and was using the board a self defense. Apparently 35 year old Lamont William Jones, of Hopland, had confronted the subject about a fight the two had recently been in, and Jones began punching the subject. Jones was joined by 49 year old Boyd Louis Goodrich, who displayed a knife to the subject, swung at him, and stated he intended to kill the subject. The subject obtained the board and used it to keep Jones and Goodrich away from him, never having to swing it or hit the two with it. Jones was arrested for battery and criminal conspiracy, and Goodrich was arrested for assault with a dangerous weapon, threats, and criminal conspiracy.

On Jaanuary 28th at about 11:55 AM Ukiah Police observed 39 year old Diane Donna Zaccaria, who a drug related warrant for her arrest, in the 200 block of Norton Street. The officer arrested Zaccaria, and found she possessed Oxycodone tablets. Zaccaria was additionally charged with possessing a narcotic.

On January 30th at about 4:00 PM Ukiah Police stopped a vehicle in the 600 block of South Main Street. The vehicle smelled strongly of marijuana, and one of the four occupants stated they possessed marijuana and had a medical recommendation, which was later confirmed. One of the vehicle’s passengers provided several differing names to the officer, and after being correctly identified as 23 year old Clemente Morado Barajas, was found to have a felony warrant for his arrest from Monterey County. Barajas was arrested and also charged with providing a false name to law enforcement. A search of the vehicle was conducted and a loaded handgun was located under another passenger’s seat. This passenger was identified as 26 year old Gregory Paul Velasquez, of Salinas, who was wearing an empty shoulder holster. Velasquez was arrested for possessing a loaded and concealed firearm, and after discovering he’d been previously convicted of a felony, Velasquez was additionally charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. Also located inside the vehicle were numerous hydrocodone tablets which were determined to belong to Barajas, who as additionally charged with possessing and transporting narcotics. Both Barajas and Velasquez had been previously charged with participating in a criminal street gang, and were booked into the County Jail.

Prepared by Captain Justin Wyatt


Safety · Professionalism · Community Service