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    Reduce Crime and the Fear of Crime

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    Improve Quality of Life in Our Neighborhoods

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    Enhance Community & Police Partnerships

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    Develop our Personnel

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    Continued Accountability

Press Releases

Press releases from the Ukiah Police Department will appear below.

Press Release 18-2847

Press Release, Case #18-2847 (Read more)

Press Release 18-2842

Press Release, Case #18-2842 (Read more)

New Detection Dog at UHS

Ukiah Police Department Announces Arrival of New Detection Dog at Ukiah High School (Read more)

Press Release, Fatal Traffic Collision

Press Release: Fatal Traffic Collision - UPD Case #18-2349 (Read more)

Press Release 18-2319

Press Release, Case #18-2319 (Read more)

GREAT Program

GREAT Press Release (Read more)

Press Release - Stolen Vehicle

Press Release - Stolen Vehicle (Read more)

Press Release, UPD Case #18-2110

Press Release, UPD Case #18-2110 (Read more)

Press Release, UPD Case #18-1982 - Chase Bank Robbery

Updated Press Release - UPD Case #18-1982 Press Release - UPD Case #18-1982 (Read more)

Press Release, UPD Case #18-1949

Press Release, UPD Case #18-1949 (Read more)

Umpqua Bank Robbery

Umpqua Bank Robbery - UPD Case # 18-1421 (Read more)

Press Release

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Safety · Professionalism · Community Service