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Community Recruitment for Measure P Oversight Members

Looking for a way to get involved in your community that won't take a ton of time? We're looking for volunteers to serve on the Measure P Oversight Committee:


Ukiah, CA. March 6, 2017. During the summer of 2014, the City of Ukiah began the process to seek voter approval of a ½ cent general sales tax. During this process the Ukiah City Council approved a resolution establishing a spending plan for public safety s...ervices and for the creation of an oversight board to make reports on the public safety spending for the City of Ukiah; which would in-part include the additional sales tax dollars being asked for in the voter initiative.

In November of 2014 this general sales tax initiative called Measure P, passed with 76% of the community voting yes.

Now, two years after the successful approval of Measure P by the voters, the Ukiah City Council is seeking applications for City Residents and Business Owners that are willing to serve on a Measure P Oversight Committee.

To be selected, the Ukiah City Council is asking potential applicants to fill out the Measure P Oversight Committee application (…), which will be considered at the April 5th, 2017 City Council meeting.

Potential applicants are asked to complete and return their applications to the Ukiah City Clerk prior to 5:00 PM on Friday March 24th to be included for consideration.

Once selected, Committee Members will be asked to meet and review the City of Ukiah’s budget for public safety services and the expenditure of Measure P funds. After review, the Committee will be asked to report to the City Council their findings.

Potential committee members should be available to meet an estimated 2 to 3 times, and the dates and times of these meetings will be made in coordination with the committee members. The committee members will also be asked to attend at least one City Council meeting to report on their findings.

On behalf of the entire City of Ukiah, we thank you for considering to serve on this important committee. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact either Fire Chief Kirk Thomsen at 707-462-7921, or Police Chief Chris Dewey at 707-463-6245.

Download: Community Recruitment Press Release

Safety · Professionalism · Community Service