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Parking Enforcement

To pay by phone:  800-989-2058 or on line:

To pay by mail:  City of Ukiah

Citation Processing Center

P.O. Box 10479

Newport, CA 92658-0479

Please include the citation number or license plate number of the vehicle the citation was issued to.

To contest a ticket you must submit a written appeal online or by mail to the address noted above. You have 21 days from the date the citation was issued to request an administrative review.  Detailed information is located on the back of your parking citation.

Weekend Parking - On weekends, unrestricted (no time limits) parking is available throughout the downtown.

Parking Permits - For those working in the downtown area, the City of Ukiah offers low cost monthly parking permits within walking distance of your business. Please contact the City of Ukiah Customer Service Department at 707-463-6228 to find out availability or to have your name added to a waiting list. The quarterly price per lot is as follows:

Lot A - $75, Lot B - $75, Lot C - $60, Lot D - $75, Lot E - $75, Seminary Avenue - $75, School Street - $75

Downtown Parking District Map

Safety · Professionalism · Community Service